"I’ve been lucky enough to have presented side by side with Kerry. He’s one of the best in the business, with a new business win rate to back it up. Best of all, he doesn’t just know how to do it. He knows how to show other people how to do it."
John Adams, Chairman, The Martin Agency

"Kerry gets your attention from hello. He has a very persuasive style, using a combination of entertainment and intelligence. Any creatives who want to accelerate their careers will want to learn from Kerry."
Chris Shumaker, Chief Marketing Officer, FCB

The story of how an idea is developed - told well - is what gives a company the confidence to back that idea.  Kerry is among the best at this important piece of the process."
— Caley Cantrell, Professor/Head of Strategy - VCU Brandcenter

"Kerry is like a presentation personal trainer. Dreaming up a campaign is one thing; selling it convincingly is a whole
other deal. Kerry will teach you to think from multiple stake-holder POV’s so you can make more powerful things. See you
in Cannes."  
 — Franklin Tipton & Libby Brockhoff, Founders, Odysseus Arms

"Kerry’s thoughtful and persuasive way is something most every client can appreciate, and many creatives need to learn.
He helps you understand WHY you love the work you buy."
Kersten Rivas, President, Source

"Kerry’s as passionate about the business as they get. When I was at Nissan, he had a way of setting the stage before he showed the work and made you feel he was there to solve your business issue, not a creative issue. During the Great Recession, that was very much appreciated, believe me."
Jon Brancheau, VP Sales & New Business Development, FMR

"He understands that storytelling engenders trust, and that trust is critical to selling great work."
Bill Westbrook, Former President and Chief Creative Officer, Fallon Worldwide

"If you get a chance to work or train with Kerry, jump on it! He is deeply engaging and understands the nuances of selling creative work."
Anne Chambers, CEO, RED212

"Kerry’s a great presenter because he knows how to listen. And by listening, he solves marketing challenges the first time, not the third or fourth."
Jon Castle, President Nissan United, TBWA

"Kerry is a pirate. Swashbuckling and fun, but always knows where the gold is hidden. He can sniff it. He has an uncanny sense of what needs to happen in a presentation and uses it for maximum effect. Unpredictable, riveting and precise.
That’s Kerry."
Brad Armstrong, President, Armstrong Partners